What is ClickBank || ClickBank Affiliate 2021



Clickbank affiliate helps to start an online business.


Hello, friends today we will discuss what is click bank and how we can use click bank affiliate 2021 for a beginner. To start an online business.


What is Clickbank

Clickbank is a global affiliate marketplace that was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen barber in san Diego in America. 

In Clickbank affiliate, you will get many products according to our niche or our interest by which we can promote them globally and we can start our online business


How Clickbank work

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing website where we can choose different type of product from the ClickBank marketplace.

Then we have to select our product and we have to generate our affiliate hop link and this hop link we have to promote by free or paid traffic and when any sale

 we make then we get commission against our sale it maybe 50% to 80% commission on the product.

how to find the best ClickBank products to promote

The best way to find the product is to check the gravity of the product 

1.If Product gravity is 50% then it is good to select our product for promoting
2.If Product gravity is more than 60% then the product is good but there are high competition other people also promoting the product.

3.High ticket product is much difficult to sell compared to a low ticket affiliate product

4.If we are a beginner then try to select the first low ticket product eg.. 10 $,20 $ less than 100 $.



How to promote ClickBank products free traffic


Promoting ClickBank products from the free method is very easy. To promote the ClickBank product we can use Facebook. 

We have to use our Facebook account and we have to join a Facebook group according to our niche and there we have to give some value to our audience and we can promote our ClickBank product using our Facebook free traffic.

 We can also use Instagram pages to promote the Clickbank product. We have to make Instagram pages according to the niche and give some value to the user, then we can easily sell your product with free traffic.



How to promote ClickBank products Paid Method


In every business sale is the backbone. Now there is a question of how we can sell our product to run our business so the solution is we can try paid method to bring traffic for our Clickbank product for this we can use google add. 

In google add word we can run our campaign according to our budget and location-wise target for our product to get a result. We can also use the Facebook marketing platform to promote our ClickBank product.




In this article, we came to know what is click bank and how we can use ClickBank affiliate for online business. 

How we can promote ClickBank products with free and paid traffic. Clickbank affiliate marketing is a good platform to start our online business which is now days become good scope for online business



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