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Digital business card,smart digital business card

Smart digital business card

MOBIEEARNMONEY.COM:Hello, friends today we will discuss the smart digital business cards.  how you will get a benefit from a  digital business card.

what is smart digital business card?

Protechnocard is a smart digital  Business card that you can make for your business to grow your business digitally. we can share our business on WhatsApp easily.

Why we need a Business card

we everybody know that to promote our business we have to do some advertisement like hoarding, poster marketing, leafletting and many more but we use one thing which is very common for your

a business that is Visiting card for our business. 

We simply make visiting card where we put our business name, contact number, email address, and website address and we have to share our business card by

hand to hand. 

But now the time is to change our business strategy by using a new concept a Digital business card or we can say virtual business card.

Digital business card for WhatsApp

Protechnocard is a digital Business card in which you can easily share your virtual card in your WhatsApp contact and 

WhatsApp group with a simple sharing option which is a very easy process to share your business million across the border.

Plat form to use Digital Business card

We can use a digital business card for iPhone and Android for both platforms.

Feature of Digital Business card

1.Paperless card: Protechnocard is a paperless solution for our business which helps to keep our environment clean and green. It helps to prevent cutting trees for making traditional visiting cards which we now days using for our business.

2.Easy to share: Protechnocard is very easy to share your card through your Bluetooth device and you can easily share your business in WhatsApp contact and in WhatsApp group.

3.Actionable button: In this card, we get like call button, WhatsApp button, email button, Facebook button, and many more button which is actionable and easy to communicate with your business concern.

4.Attractive design: you will get attractive designs for your business card which will get good benefits for your business.

Benefits of digital business card

A digital business card helps to grow your business very effectively you can share your card to WhatsApp group while sharing you will get the lead of your customer which is a very important thing for your business.

you can give all details of your business like a catalog, office pictures, Facebook page link, and many more which helps to promote your business digitally.

How do I make a digital business card online?

You can make your card from Protechnohub which is a digital marketing company. It helps you to make your card with good service and effective function which you will get in a card.

digital business card qr code

In a digital business card, you will get a QR code option in a digital business card in this qr code you can give your business-related information like website address, Business profile, and many more things that you like to provide to your customers.

Conclusion: Protechnocard is a smart digital business card for your business that will promote your business smartly in this digital world. A digital business card is a new concept or you can say this is a mini-website for your business. 


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