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Trell review helps you to decide you to use it or not.

Do you want to promote yourself then you can try this app we will talk about Trell app and Trell reviews how you have to use this app and many more so read this article and many more about this app.

What is trell app ?

Trell app is a short video platform that was made in India. In this app, you will get eight Indian languages where you can make your channel and Promote yourself all over the world. This app you will get in both for Android and Ios version

Trell app owner

Trell app is an Indian application company Pulkit Agarwal is a co-founder.

How to download Trell app

Android: First go to play store then type Trell app in the search box then you will get an install option then you have to press on the install button

now this app will download which file size is 15 MB. After installing this app on your mobile then you have to press the open button in the app

now your app is ready to use. The same steps you have to follow for IOS version in Trell app ,Rizzle App.Chingari App,Triller App.

How to Sign in

The sign-in steps are very easy for this app. You can sign in with your Facebook Account, Gmail Account, WhatsApp No, Phone Number

. Select any one option which you comfortable with then you sign in or log in to your account and now you are ready to use.

How to use Trell app

After installing the app you have to sign in by pressing the plus button

which you will get in the app for a sign-in option after sign in you can

create your video and upload it .

How to upload video

Sign in then press Plus button then you will get two option Blog and Vlog

1. Blog- is for if you want to create your blog or article regarding your topic then you can choose this option and you can create your content. In the blog option, you can give your title then you can upload pictures, and then you can write details about your topics which you select in the title of your blog. This we will use for article writing.

2. Vlog-Now if you want to create your content with video or picture then you can use this option. Vlog option is for creating your content with voice notes, filter, and trim options which you can apply for your content. After creating your content you can publish it to your audience where you will get eight Indian languages.

3. Profile option-Here we can set our full name, handle name, and about ourselves. The most important things you will get here is links option like website, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tumbler, Snapchat, Zomato. You can use this option to promote your social network account and website from where you can get benefits for you. If you are a digital marketing expert then you better know how to use these options to grow your business.

how to earn money from trell app

Now you can earn money with trell app for this you have to press the coin option at the right corner of the app you will get earn point option. If you want to earn money from the trell app then you have to earn points and these are some ways by which you can earn points.

1. You have to create videos and earn points. You can earn 50 points per day for creating videos.

2. You can earn 30 points by inviting your friends. You can invite with your WhatsApp number and earn points.

3.If you share your video and if you get like and share for your video then you can earn points.

Trell App Info

App Info


Version 4.8.7


Update on

July 4,2020



Made by


Released on

Sep 10,2016

App Permissions




·         Approximate location(Network-based)

·         Precise location(Gps and Network-based)


·         Take picture and video


·         Read your contacts

·         Find accounts on the device.



·         Record Audio






·         Modify or delete the contents of your SD card.

·         Read the content of your SD card

·         Read phone status and identity.


If we talking about this app it has a download by the user is 10000000+ and we get many users were increasing day by day.

If you check google rating then in the play store you get 4.4 ratings from the user which is a good sign for the user to use it and I think it will grow more.


Trell app is a short entertaining video platform from India and Pulkit Agarwal is a co-founder of this app.

This app we get in Android and IOS and Trell review is also good in google play store this app score 4.4 rating from the user.

I have covered in this article how to earn money from the trell app as we for this you have to sign in first then you have to earn points which you

will get in the app which I have explained to you before in this article. If you have any quarries regarding this article then you can inform us. Thank you


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