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Rizzle app | Earn from rizzle app,rizzle app monetization

Make money with making video

Mobileearnmoney.com: Hello dear friend's today we will learn about the Rizzle app and how we can earn through the Rizzle app. Suppose if you earn money by making videos then it will be very good for us. Now let's come to know about Rizzle app.

Rizzle app owner

Vidya Narayanan - Co-founder and CEO  Rizzle App

What is Rizzle app

Rizzle app is a 60-second video app for talk shows and interactions. It is the easiest way to create short videos. Talk about anything with people from all over the world. Start a mini-series or a talk show. Host channels to express your multiple personalities and create binge-worthy content.

How to download Rizzle app

Friend's if you want rizzle app then you have to download this app first.If want this app then you will get this app for the Android app and IOS version. The size of this app is 15 MB only. After downloading this app you have to install it on your mobile.

Then you have to sign in with your Google account and you have to create your channel and then once you have created your channel name then you cannot change your channel name as featured. So always keep this thing in your mind.

How we have to make videos in rizzle app.

After making a channel in rizzle app you can upload your video for your channel but you have to know that you can upload but your video should not more than 60 seconds and you cannot upload any video which you kept on mobile or pc for use.

You have to upload it in real-time. It means you cannot edit your video which we do on YouTube or Facebook. You can shoot video from your front and back camera of your mobile.

Rizzle app monetization

These are some rizzle apps earning method

We, everybody, came here to earn some money from our work and so we will understand the process.

What is Rizzle monetization it means when your channel becomes a premium channel then only you can earn from this?

First, you have to upload more than 30 videos then your channel will qualify for premium status then you can earn.

After your channel eligible for premium status then people will sponsor your channel. Then you earn online.

Monetization mean's that you will earn money with the sponsor if anybody likes your work then they will sponsor you.

It, not that advertiser plays any video on your channel and you will get money from this.

Here video count has no benefit for you. You will not earn your video count. Which we see on youtube.

On YouTube when your video watched more than you earn more but here you will not get the benefit of your video count.

You can also earn from the contest. If you take part in the contest and if you win then you can earn.


1) Sponsor channels at the Silver level, INR 85.00 per 3 months
2) Sponsor channels at the Gold level, INR 85.00 per month
3) Sponsor channels at the Platinum level, INR 250.00 per month

How to withdraw money

We can withdraw money through a PayPal account when you will earn more than 5 dollars then only you can withdraw.

Rizzle App review

This app is good for earning online money from your home. This is a new app but people were giving a good response.

They were earning 100 $ easily but it depends on your work if people like your content then you also earn money easily.

This is a new platform you can use to promote your youtube channel and you will get a good result.

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Rizzle app is a new app in the market but this good earning for newcomers. This is good for those also who had channels on YouTube and TikTok but they are facing difficulty to grow in their field. Then they can try this platform. so friends follow our channel Mobileearnmoney.com to get more articles that help you to grow you're earnings online thank you.


  1. Good platform for newcomers,I like this app it is best to earn

    1. Yes and thank you for your comment.

    2. Payment kese aayega ye bataye pls

  2. Hii rizzIs very good app

    1. yes .Thank you for your comment.

    2. Aapka mobile no.bheje

    3. payment k liye aapko kaam se kaam 250 rs earning karni padegi fhir aap payment nikal sakte ho uske liye aapko paypal ka account banana padega.

  3. Can I earn by watching videos

  4. you have to create your own channel then you can participate in the contest and you can earn money.

  5. Can anyone tell me the REFERRAL CODE For rizzle app. Please.

  6. Can I withdraw money in paytm

  7. Yes this is very helpful

  8. Who is highest earner

  9. Mera channel monetize nahin hua

  10. Please mera channel monetize Ho jaaye main bahut Dinon ka intezar kar raha hun

  11. Is it fake Or not

  12. It's and amazing short video creating app it's kind of very timesaving for beginners

  13. Sir rizzle mai form fill reffer or 30 video upload karke earning method samjha sakte hai

  14. When its gold silver platinum


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